modelThis amazing garment helps you lose weight without exercise while correcting ones posture and reshaping the body all at once. This garment is perfect for men and women.

How does it work? Is it hot or does it roll up?

The main purpose of every garment is to lift, shape and support. All of the garments are designed by orthopedic surgeon and a medical engineer and are made of light weight thermo genic fibers. The technology behind the body magic garment is based on the original , the corset design, but with a little something extra. It reshapes your body from your shoulder to your legs. This garment is made of light weight sturdy yet breathable fabric. They don't stretch out or loose their form, they don't roll or bunch like the traditional girdles. Not only do the garments instantly reshape your body, but they also aid in weight loss as well. This is done by redistribution of a dispose tissue. The garments are made to form your body, giving you proper posture and allowing to lose weight. All the garments support the back and/stomach in some way. I highly recommend this body magic garment to anyone who wants to reshape.

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